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Hailing from the City of Gems, the Gem Museum is in its fourth generation as a family owned business, and it is a name synonymous with only the finest gemstones in Sri Lanka.

Whether you are a traveler looking for a timeless memento or someone seeking the ideal gift with the right sparkle or even a true aficionado with an appreciation for the finer things in life, your quest ends here.

Our network of island wide showrooms house the rarest of raw gem stones to flawless sapphires and diamonds to the more unique blend of platinum and white gold jewelry. We follow the time-honoured tradition of master craftsmanship courtesy of our in-house goldsmiths, and we source only the finest stones from our own mines. So you can be rest assured of its authenticity, furthermore you will be provided with a certificate of genuineness upon purchase of any of our pieces.

Gem and jewellery is not just a business but a tradition. Therefore we believe in offering a complete solution to our clients when it comes to acquiring an item of value. That’s why we have included other local treasures in our product mix; you can choose from the finest spices and tea to priceless artifacts and other works of art.
We look forward to your presence.

Our Story

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Our humble beginnings date back to the 1920’s in Galle, where a young man’s discovery created a legacy which would span for over four generations. When Mohamed Mahmood discovered his first precious stone he also discovered his true passion. From that moment onwards he traded gemstones, handcrafted jewelry and local spices with the visiting ships and travelers from around the world.
As the future generations emerged the flourishing business, and its passion spread towards Colombo. This ushered a new era of contemporary designs and state of the art craftsmanship, while still staying true to the traditional hand crafted artistry.
Today, that very same passion has stretched beyond the oceans to parts of the Middle East and Europe, garnering us international recognition with our partners, loyal clients and world renowned collectors alike.

Gem Museum

No.43, Ananda Coomaraswamy Mw,
(Green Path) Colombo 07. Sri Lanka.

Tel: +94 777 599279

Email: saajith.meeran@hotmail.com


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