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One of the products is the traditional bee honey gained from the interior forest areas of Sri Lanka. Unlike certain other vendors, we offer quality bee honey, of bees which harvest from many types of wild flowers. This gives our honey product its unique goodness to health and taste.

We also have treacle that originates from the palm trees. “Kitul” treacle is made from sap extracted from the inflorescence of the kitul palm, “Caryota urens”, which grows in Sri Lanka. The treacle is made from pure sap boiled down to a sweet, dark brown syrup, thick and sweet in flavour, with a taste resembling dates with a slight hint of caramel. It is traditionally eaten with curd, a traditional Sri Lankan buffalo yogurt. When the sap is cooked, it also produces a crude sugar called jaggery. Generally treacle with other vendors includes a very high cane sugar content resulting in tastes like usual sugar syrup. But our product is high in treacle content, where we assure the taste of traditional treacle in Sri Lanka.



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